Mix Nuts 4

Marinated Jalapeño Olives 4

Angel Eggs Capers, anchovies, cocktail sauce 6

Cigar Borek 2 Fried filo rolls filled with savory potatoes, sweet mustard 7

+ Each additional 3

Landjaeger Cured Saussage, radishes, pickles, bread&butter 9

Lentil Soup Chili butter croutons, dried mint 9

Lemony Whipped Feta w. Crudite 11

Spicy Walnut Spread Sundried tomatoes, cornichons 12

Marinated White Anchovies Charred cabbage, jalapeño on toast 13

German Pizza Caramelized onions, chili on sour cream base 13

+ bacon bits (optional)

Vegetables and


Carrot Salad Cooked in olive oil, ras el hanout, pistachios, endive 11

Fava Fried artichokes, pickled beets 12

Red Lentil Salad Lettuce wraps, scallions, parsley, olive oil cumin dressing 12

Roasted Cauliflower  Smoked labne, sun dried tomatoes, fried chickpeas 14



Chipotle Chickpeas w. Red beets, cilantro, crispy gozleme 14

Su Borek Thin layered pasta dough with melted gruyere, greens  16

Chicken Schnitzel  Cabbage slaw, wasabi tobiko  18

Merguez Meatballs Scallion parsley rice, white bean tomato salad, , lemon yoghurt 19

Cod in Tomato Sauce Swisschard, green olives, burnt lemon 19



Rote Grutze Mix berry compote w.cheese cake 10

Baklava w. Hazelnut ice 10

Wafer Sandwich w.Cherry Syrup 9


Raki Menu for 2

$55 / per persion

Kitchen's selection of hot and cold mezze plates

Traditional Raki Service (375 ml Carafe)


Bunny's menu will be changing according to the season and availability of fresh produce.

Our Meet is grass fed, Chicken is antibiotic and hormone free, Bread is made with organic flour,

Trying to buy the best produce possible.